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Stronger Together

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Stronger Together

The Stronger Together Strategic Plan 2020-24 sets out the strategic vision and priorities for Stoke- on-Trent City Council and the wider city. The strategic plan has been shaped by the political ambition of the City Council’s leadership, as well as the values and aims of the organisation. As such, it is as much a corporate plan for the council’s directorates and teams as it is a strategic blueprint for improving Stoke-on-Trent as a city.

Partnership working is at the heart of our Stronger Together vision and success will be dependent upon everyone playing their part and doing what they can to help make the vision a reality. We are determined to build on the momentum of change that we have achieved so far, but we know that we cannot deliver our vision and priorities on our own. It is more important than ever that we build and strengthen relationships with all of the stakeholders who are connected with Stoke-on-Trent in order to focus efforts on the challenges and opportunities that we need to address and to improve the outcomes that shape our communities and people’s ability to fulfil their potential.

You can view our Stronger Together Strategic Plan (2020 to 2024) here.