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What We Are Looking For

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What we are looking for

In the last five years, many good things have happened in Stoke-on-Trent. We have grown economically with many new jobs and businesses. We have been awarded one of the largest levelling up fund bids worth £56m. It is the largest single government investment in the city since the 1990s. We are ahead of the game in the provision of digital infrastructure. Despite the pandemic, we have seen improvements in quality of life for many people. Our city is on the up but there’s still a lot more to do to connect the population the opportunities we are creating.

We want our adult and social care service users to inherit these changes - to build their lives in our city, be aspirational and to be able to take the opportunities Stoke-on-Trent can offer. And that’s where you come in. For that to happen, our social care services need to evolve and become a truly integrated, strengths-based system that enables residents that need support and their carers to be able to live their best lives.

However, the role goes much wider than that. With stewardship with respect to the health of our population, either acting as Director of Public Health, or in providing line management and support to the DPH, there is the opportunity to tackle the root causes of poor health and wellbeing that impact our residents in different ways throughout their lives.

As a Council we are fully committed to our local Integrated Care System and are determined to play a full part to make integrated health and social care services a reality in the city, promoting a model of population health management combined with great universal services.

One of the further benefits of the role is that it oversees services like leisure, museums and bereavement care, all of which can be harnessed to contribute to wider city objectives with respect to social inclusion, education and wellbeing.

We already have an excellent senior leadership team, with senior members and officers working tirelessly on behalf of our more vulnerable residents. We are looking for a new Director of Adult Social Care Health Integration and Wellbeing who can complete that team. We need a strong leader who’s not afraid of a serious challenge and who has the drive, innovation, creativity and passion to see it through. We need someone who can support the transformation of adult services and the delivery of improvements required in adult social care services. We need someone who can connect and listen to local residents, service users, carers and families and understand their issues. We need someone who can motivate our team, giving them clarity of direction and purpose, and the tools to do their job.

As a team player you will join our experienced and supportive senior leadership team, where close collegiate working with elected members and colleagues is essential. Ensuring a One Team approach in the design and delivery of services that are well governed, efficient and fit for purpose whilst fulfilling the requirements of the statutory role of the Director of Adult Services and potentially the Director of Public Health too.

We need someone who can act as an ambassador for the city and for the Council, promoting and developing the authority and the city, forming strategic alliances and developing effective working relationships on a local, regional and national basis. The role holder will lead the development and delivery of services in Integrated Commissioning, Quality Monitoring and Improvement, Public Health, Adult Social Care, Early Intervention, Hospital Support, Younger Adults, Provider Services. Leisure Services, Museums and Bereavement Care.